Shiseido Ma Cherie Shampoo EX Refill


Shiseido – Ma Cherie Shampoo EX Refill – 380ml – Moisture

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Air FeelMa Cherie Air Feel Shampoo (Silicone-free) formulated with rich pearl aesthetic and honey jelly unique ingredients to achieve glossy and voluminous hair with a smooth and light finish.MoistureDense pearl Honey Jure DX formulation.At the same time as giving gloss to the hair, it repairs one and leads it to a state that is easy to handle.Dense Honeydale DX has gloss giving effect, hair repairing effect, moisturizing effect and firmly repairs damaged hair from the inside.Moistly finished.Fragrant and crisp floral fruity scent.Smoky cut fragrance formulation.Non silicon.


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