Shiseido Ma Cherie Hair Oil EX


Shiseido – Ma Cherie Hair Oil EX – 60ML

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Restores brilliance to your hair from the roots to the tips, making your hair irresistibly touchable. With the special substance Dense Pearl Honey Jewel EX, each strand of hair is restored of moisture individually. The instant you apply this oil, your hair will become softer and have a luminescent shine. Protects your hair from static electricity, dryers, etc… Contains a smoke scent eliminating fragrance; a sweet and refreshing floral fruity scent.Repairing ingredients (Pearl Conchiolin Royal Jelly Extract Lecithin)We repair one piece and lead to a manageable condition. Dense pearl honey jelly EX * combination. * Repair ingredients (pearl conchiolin · royal jelly extract · lecithin). It quickly becomes familiar at the moment when it is applied, and it is finished as smooth as glossy. It protects hair from heat such as static electricity · dryer etc. Enchanting sweet refreshing scent of floral fruity lasts. Type not to wash away.


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