miseenscne Perfect Serum Styling Shampoo


miseenscne – Perfect Serum Styling Shampoo – 680ml

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Golden Morocco Argan Oil / 7X GOLDEN OILâ„¢ Comparison test result of drying degree according to measurement of difference in weight of hair immediately after shampoo and dry hair, Helps shorten the drying time of hair when drying naturally after shampooing and drying with a dryer.Applying Style Polymer Technologyâ„¢ technology: A technology that makes styling easier with voluminous and elastic hair after shampooing.When using a curling iron after shampooing and drying, the curls better, helping styling and maintaining better hair curls.Contains golden oil extracted from argan, which has strong vitality in the mysterious land of Morocco, to soften the hair.Containing 7X GOLDEN OILâ„¢ (Argan+Camelia+Coconut+Apricot+Manula+Jojoba+Olive Oil)Contains 7 natural oils: Jojoba oil and olive oil moisturize, coconut oil coats the hair, marula oil and argan oil protects the hair, apricot extract adds shine to the hair, and camellia oil nourishes the hair.


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