KUMANO COSME Horse Oil Shampoo Non Silicon


KUMANO COSME – Horse Oil Shampoo Non Silicon – 600ml

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A popular product of Japanese hot spring hotels, it contains the ultimate moisturizing ingredient pure natural horse oil. It has been used by the indigenous inhabitants of Hokkaido to moisturize, treat skin wounds, and soothe rough and chapped universal oil. Horse oil is similar to the body’s natural protective oil. The moisturizing power is very strong, so the moisturizing effect of horse oil is extremely high, and it can provide lasting and deep moisture. The product contains moisturizing ingredients seaweed and pile oil. The product does not contain silicon. Although silicon can make the surface of the hair smooth and shiny, in fact, silicon only fills the gaps between the hair scales and cannot really nourish the hair. The accumulation of silicon will block the pores and make the hair quality worse. The silicone-free shampoo and conditioner can restore the natural health of the hair and exude a real soft luster. Kumano Horse Oil Silicone-Free Moisturizing Shampoo not only cleanses the hair, but also repairs, nourishes and moisturizes the hair. It is also weakly acidic with the skin. It cares for the hair, improves the fragile hair, and makes the hair grow healthily and smoother. How to use: After using wet hair, pour the shampoo into palm, add water to lather, rub it on the hair and scalp, and then rinse with water. Ingredients: • Horse oil: Promote scalp metabolism and restore shine and smoothness to hair. • Camellia oil: It has moisturizing, moisturizing and hair care effects, and can prevent hair breakage and hair loss. • Glycerin: Gives deep nourishment to hair and repairs damaged hair.


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