KUMANO COSME Horse Oil Conditioner


KUMANO COSME – Horse Oil Conditioner – 600ml

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Non silicon means no silicon in Chinese. Silicon contains unique sensory advantages such as softness, silkiness, smoothness, and beauty. Therefore, silicone can be added to lotions, body washes, shampoos, care mousses, styling hair gel, sunscreen, makeup, In antiperspirants and other products. And as long as the organic silicon with a value of 1.1ï¿  is added to 300 grams of rinse-off conditioner, it can double the dry combability and increase the gloss by 20%. Because once the silicon touches the hair, it will fill the gaps between the hair scales, resulting in a smooth touch and the hair quality seems to be better after washing! Therefore, ordinary people often mistakenly think that this is because silicon has the effect of nourishing hair. However, the next time you use it, because of its insoluble property in water, the silicon that has been coated on the hair cannot be thoroughly washed, but will be The number of times of use is continuously covering the outer layer of the hair, which causes the hair to be thick and gradually lose its elasticity, and the pores are blocked and unable to breathe. As a result of insufficient oxygen permeability, the dermal papilla that affects the health of the scalp will gradually shrink, and the scalp is also prone to itching, and may even be complicated by sequelae of hair loss and hair loss. On the contrary, the first time you use a silicone-free shampoo, it will wash away the layers of silicon and gradually leak out the damaged hair. It will also make ordinary people mistakenly think that silicone-free shampoo is not easy to use, not soft and smooth. Using it will make the scalp healthier and the hair will gradually become softer and more elastic. Product introduction: More than 10 kinds of botanical moisturizing ingredients can effectively clean and moisturize, improve the fragile hair caused by blow, dyeing, ironing and aging, give full play to the effect of horse oil, and accelerate the metabolism of hair follicles. Contains 3 kinds of plant-based ingredients to make hair grow faster, softer and shiny. Silicone-free formula reduces scalp itching caused by irritation. Both men and women can be used in all seasons.


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