Dr. FORHAIR – UNOVE – Deep Damage Treatment EX – Warm Petals – 320ml

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This product provides unrealistic softness by focusing on supplying nutrition and softness to damaged hair.This is a product that shows 100% satisfaction for softness, overall use, and smoothness as a result of focusing on research of damanged hair, and it has been confirmed for excellent use and efficacy through human application tests showing 100% satisfaction. With just 3 uses, it adds 3,000% of protein to create healthy and smooth hair with improved adherence.It shows an unreal softness that can be felt clearly in the hand, and smooths out rough hair by filling in between the cuticles.Smooth brushing is possible as the rough cuticle is improved.The protein gel cream type texture is completed when it touches water.When the protein gel cream, which is highly adhesive, meets water, it absorbs full of moisture and quickly delivers nutrients to the hair.UNOVE signature perfume Tender Bloom and Warm Petal, which applies professional perfumery technology, create an attractive and elegant atmosphere with a refreshing floral musk and warm woody floral musk.Featured ingredientsThis product is packed with keratin-PF, the key ingredient in hair structure.The protein and amino acid ingredients provide abundant nutrition to the hair, and the plant-derived golden oil ingredient gives a smooth and shiny glow.


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